Friday, May 8, 2009

dats hw we became popular @ "POPULAR"

ohk. so here i m tryin sumtin new. i kno m being too monotonous wit my posts. same kind of poems n stuff n i kno it gets boring aftr sumtym. so dis post is abt a small incident whch made us popular in a wrong way. n v wer almost thrown out of "popular-the hotel" :P

a saturday nite, arnd 10pm. d hotel was full n it was a complete family crowd. a b'ful gal came out of a santro n trust me she was so damn b'ful dat v wer unable to take our eyes off her evn for a SECOND. 8 guyz staring a gal whus wit her DAD is trouble-inviting! but whu gives a shit to d troubles if d gal is so damn b'ful! :D
as expected she was made to sit inside d car agn n her DAD made sure she was out of our sight too :(
jus den d guy calld us n b4 going in, v gav dat "DAD" a few bad stares. he was d villian! :x
*if crowd consists of guyz lyk us, i agree its too tuff fr a father to take care of her daughter! :P

okay nw d real fun begins. since v wer a huge group, v wer given d biggest table n co incidentally dat table is alwyz surrounded by sum cute galz :D *tchwud* :P
mr.babu, d waiter whus also a gud frnd nw strtd wit d orders. v askd him to bring 3 punjabi vegetables n to his surprise or rather a shock, instead of rotis or naans v ordered "laadi pav" n d look he gave after d order was as if he got hit by a season ball rite "der" witout a "guard"! :P
and d moment v started eating, d ppl arnd us jus cudnt stop staring at us. v lyk it. v guyz luv "attention" :D
n i dnt blame dem. i'l stare at sum1 too if he strts eatin bread wit punjabi vegs. :D
okay. as if dis wasnt enuf to amuse d ppl arnd us. v tried sumtin more.

v ordered d 2l wala sprite ka bottle n wen babu came wit d glasses, v askd for sum saucers. :D
n he got kinda pissed off n told his boss abt it. but whu cares, v r payin d bill n v shd get woteva v ask for :D

so der he came wit 9 saucers. witout any cups. dat was 1 hilarious sight :P
n den dhaval strtd passin d saucers wit "sprite" in it to evry1 n mahn! d aunty sitting next to me almost fell off her chair. d uncle behind roshan stared as if a naked gal came in front of him frm nower n d sound v made while drinking *slurp slurp*, jus lyk dos rickshaw n taxiwallas make wile drinking tea made it too irritating. but v wer loving it. jus think of it. arnd 50 ppl staring at us as if v wer sum celebrities. wow! :P

okay. it also had a few disadvantages. d CUTE gal next table went out as she felt it was getting too cheap. damn she passed sum bad comments abt us. :(

trying to get out of dat trauma (a gal passin comments in front of evry1 is a big trauma), v strtd singing. v forgot dat it was a hotel n as if v wer al sonu nigam n co. n d table was our indian idol stage, v went on n on!

15 mins later. my frnd was on d ground outside d hotel. i was running sumwer along wit 2 of dem n 3 others wer trying to defend themselves! :o

actualy in between thos 15mins, a lot happnd!
sum1 complained. d owner came dwn n requested but v wer jus in a bad mood dat day. v went on wit d crap. n dat fuckin owner dialled 100. n aftr 5 mins, our so called singing had sum background music to it. sadly it sounded lyk a police siren.
seeing dem i showd my sporting skills n ran out as fast as possible frm d backdoor. 2 frnz followd me. thos whu tried running frm d front wer caught. no harm done except dat in front of all dis ppl, my poor frnz wer kickd out badly. n a police warning was given to dem too. dat sounded kinda serious!

v wer scared. dint call each othr dat nite. but d nxt mrng v met, v jus laughed n laughed hardly coz v knew wot v went thru d last nite. dat was d nite whch made us "popular @ popular" :P

Monday, May 4, 2009

luv yu DAD!! :)

nw before you people start categorising this, lemme make it clear - its too long to b called a poetry or a prose.. jus wantd 2 share sumtin n hence penned it dwn! :)

12:40pm > it was d usual lunch break and all of us wer busy eatin tiffins n gossiping arnd. dunno why and frm where but we actualy ended up talkin abt parents!
it was jus a lite conversation and in d end..our main topic was pocket-money.. do we get enuf??
n when you talk abt pocket money, you do need to talk abt FATHERS!

just about 2 mins since v started and one of my classmate went out and he preferred to stay away from dis "topic".
lyk every1 in d class, even i was confused as in why he had to get out?
on being asked, all he replied bak was "the subject matter of ur tpic is a dad n i dont hav him wit me anymore."
he said it wit such an ease and a smile but we all knew he was broken. he wanted to cry. we sat wit him and made sure he got out of it asap.aftr a few mins we thot he was better.
n jus wen i felt it was all over, dat guy joined us n he said a few words.
a few mins whch none of us wud ever forget. those words stil reside in my mind and my heart coz dey actualy taught me sumthin.

he startd off wit "u all realy luv ur father?" "what if 1 day he disappears all of a sudden?"
i know why he started off this way. he had heard a few guyz whu wer actualy makin fun of der fathers becoz dey felt it was too easy to fool them. maybe they jus took them for granted. but then most of us do.. dont we?
we are alwayz busy wit our frnz, cell fones n what not that we hardly talk to our parents. yeah we never fail to do dat wen we need pocket money or when we hav to go out for shopping.
evn i shout at him. i fite wit him mny times bcoz i think he interferes a lot. i hate it wen he asks me to stop playin matches becoz my exams are cumin up. i get pissed off at him wen he thinks i waste a lot of money. we all go thru d same.

but, my friend (m not naming him bcoz he hates it when ppl FEEL for him regardin dis) misses it all. he cried wen he said dat jus lyk us evn he hated it wen his dad shouted or got angry on him. but nw he misses evrytin. he said he wants to liv wit d fear of a dad scolding him when he does sumtin wrong or d love of a father when he achieves sumthing.he gets nothing. he thinks his dad left him becoz he never loved him d way he shd hav. nw he wants to luv him, he wants to hate him but all he can do is jus dream abt him.

all he wanted to tel us was to value dis special gift dat god has given us. respect him. love him. n keep him wit care.

we hav our FATHER wit us. d man whu lives for us. whu smiles wen we smile n whu cries more wen he sees us cryin. he does evrytin he can to keep us happy. lets accept it.. evry parent does it.
in return wot v giv him > anger and hatred most of d tyms!
we never think wot he goes thru aftr dis. we jus say it coz we know dat d next tym we need our pocket money, dis man wl b rite der in front of us n he'l giv us whatever we wud ask for.

but if his dad left him forever, whu knows we can go thru d same. life is full of shit and uncertainties. and then jus lyk him we wil cry n feel sorry becoz we never gave our dad wot he deserved and den it wl b too late.

i hav seen a day in my life wen i felt dat i'l lose my dad(he had cancer and it was the SURGERY day) and trust me dat was d day wen i realizd what he means to me. its not jus d pocket money or d scoldings. its d unconditional love, care and affection dat no other person in d world wd giv u. we alwyz realize d importance of thingz wen v lose dem!
thingz can b brought bak, not a father.

we all luv our fathers. but dnt jus luv him. show him d luv. hug him wen u r happy n be with him wen u get sumtime off. aftr slogging his entire life for our bright careers n futures, he surely deserves sum love, care n time from our side. dnt forget dat whatever u r in life rite nw, it is becoz of dis great man! dont be late.nuthing in life is permanent.not evn a human life.

today wen i get angry at him, i get reminded of my frnd. it stops me. all i do nw is luv him. luv him more n luv him evn more.

dis 17th, my dad wil b 50! a special day for me n my family. do pray for him n wish him.
dis 1 is jus for you dad :)

so little.....

so li'l time, so many words
so big sky just 2 birds

so li'l wings, so big flies
so many smiles,
just a few cries

so small eyes, so big horizon
on this long lonely road,
just one turn

so many feelings, just one heart
so many endings, just one start

so much of sharing, so li'l calm
so much of love,
just 2 arms.. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

my school dayz..

i miss dat early morning alarm
the blanket,the bed
and a cup of coffee so warm...

i miss back those days
naughty sun's hiding rays
the cold,the fog the mist
and a never endin list

all those ups and downs
all smiles,all frowns
being the back benchers
and scoldings frm the teachers

the old canteen,
the scribbled desks
sleeping in the class
and cheating in the tests

runnin in d rain
eatin durin classes
those friendships
n those cold wars

the assembly,
the uniform
never again to be worn...

never r those days gonna come back,
its always goin to be
just me and my memories!!

dedicated to all my school frnz! :)

the Broken Heart

I am nursing my broken heart,
Leaving everything apart.

I did everything to please her,
But nothing could appease her.

I admit that I have broken promises,
But none of them were intentional misses.

But destiny had a plan,
To put our love in a can.

I die to hear her voice,
But am afraid she might
Have made another choice..

*its all frm my heart.. no help taken frm any1 :)

If thats all i can ever b 2 u....

If i have to be your best friend,
If thats all i can get,
I'll take the job with honour,
I'll be the best one yet,
I'll offer u my shoulder,
I'll show u how i care,
I'll be there when need me,
I'm not going anywhere,
If i have to be your best friend,
The one who hears you can,
Then I'll take the job with honour,
Then i'll take the job with pride.

My love for you is stronger,
Than u'll ever know,
But for u to ever love me,
I'll have to let u go,
You need time to find your purpose,
You need time to sort your thoughts,
But when the course has ended,
And the race is finally run,
Remmember its your best friend,
Who has loved you from the day one..

*i take help frm my frnz fo most of my poems.. m not a complete writer.. n 1 of my dear frnz helpd me a lott spcly for dis poem..thank u :)