Monday, May 4, 2009

luv yu DAD!! :)

nw before you people start categorising this, lemme make it clear - its too long to b called a poetry or a prose.. jus wantd 2 share sumtin n hence penned it dwn! :)

12:40pm > it was d usual lunch break and all of us wer busy eatin tiffins n gossiping arnd. dunno why and frm where but we actualy ended up talkin abt parents!
it was jus a lite conversation and in d end..our main topic was pocket-money.. do we get enuf??
n when you talk abt pocket money, you do need to talk abt FATHERS!

just about 2 mins since v started and one of my classmate went out and he preferred to stay away from dis "topic".
lyk every1 in d class, even i was confused as in why he had to get out?
on being asked, all he replied bak was "the subject matter of ur tpic is a dad n i dont hav him wit me anymore."
he said it wit such an ease and a smile but we all knew he was broken. he wanted to cry. we sat wit him and made sure he got out of it asap.aftr a few mins we thot he was better.
n jus wen i felt it was all over, dat guy joined us n he said a few words.
a few mins whch none of us wud ever forget. those words stil reside in my mind and my heart coz dey actualy taught me sumthin.

he startd off wit "u all realy luv ur father?" "what if 1 day he disappears all of a sudden?"
i know why he started off this way. he had heard a few guyz whu wer actualy makin fun of der fathers becoz dey felt it was too easy to fool them. maybe they jus took them for granted. but then most of us do.. dont we?
we are alwayz busy wit our frnz, cell fones n what not that we hardly talk to our parents. yeah we never fail to do dat wen we need pocket money or when we hav to go out for shopping.
evn i shout at him. i fite wit him mny times bcoz i think he interferes a lot. i hate it wen he asks me to stop playin matches becoz my exams are cumin up. i get pissed off at him wen he thinks i waste a lot of money. we all go thru d same.

but, my friend (m not naming him bcoz he hates it when ppl FEEL for him regardin dis) misses it all. he cried wen he said dat jus lyk us evn he hated it wen his dad shouted or got angry on him. but nw he misses evrytin. he said he wants to liv wit d fear of a dad scolding him when he does sumtin wrong or d love of a father when he achieves sumthing.he gets nothing. he thinks his dad left him becoz he never loved him d way he shd hav. nw he wants to luv him, he wants to hate him but all he can do is jus dream abt him.

all he wanted to tel us was to value dis special gift dat god has given us. respect him. love him. n keep him wit care.

we hav our FATHER wit us. d man whu lives for us. whu smiles wen we smile n whu cries more wen he sees us cryin. he does evrytin he can to keep us happy. lets accept it.. evry parent does it.
in return wot v giv him > anger and hatred most of d tyms!
we never think wot he goes thru aftr dis. we jus say it coz we know dat d next tym we need our pocket money, dis man wl b rite der in front of us n he'l giv us whatever we wud ask for.

but if his dad left him forever, whu knows we can go thru d same. life is full of shit and uncertainties. and then jus lyk him we wil cry n feel sorry becoz we never gave our dad wot he deserved and den it wl b too late.

i hav seen a day in my life wen i felt dat i'l lose my dad(he had cancer and it was the SURGERY day) and trust me dat was d day wen i realizd what he means to me. its not jus d pocket money or d scoldings. its d unconditional love, care and affection dat no other person in d world wd giv u. we alwyz realize d importance of thingz wen v lose dem!
thingz can b brought bak, not a father.

we all luv our fathers. but dnt jus luv him. show him d luv. hug him wen u r happy n be with him wen u get sumtime off. aftr slogging his entire life for our bright careers n futures, he surely deserves sum love, care n time from our side. dnt forget dat whatever u r in life rite nw, it is becoz of dis great man! dont be late.nuthing in life is permanent.not evn a human life.

today wen i get angry at him, i get reminded of my frnd. it stops me. all i do nw is luv him. luv him more n luv him evn more.

dis 17th, my dad wil b 50! a special day for me n my family. do pray for him n wish him.
dis 1 is jus for you dad :)


  1. the best one so far vishky..reali..its a grt piece of writin...we do need to realse these litl thngs in life whch we miss out, to live life on our own terms as we cal it,the same life whch has been givn to us by our parnts :)

    wish yur dad has a long n healthy life...a vry hapi bday to him in advnce :)

  2. gud 1... haapy b'day to ur dad

  3. see..i had told yu..ppl are gonna luv ths piece of wrk.. bt u toh alwys had to argue on evrythng :P
    nwys gr8 gng :)

  4. suchana.. yep n wit dat same intention i jus thot f sharing dis.. thnx a lott!! :)

    abhinav .. thank u bro! :D

    sulakshna.. :P yeah u r rite.. i shd stop arguin nw.. atleast nt wit u! :D
    thnk u :)

  5. d best one 4m u till nw :)

  6. Gr88 one bro...
    I had a big fight with my dad....n wsnt speaking to him since 10 days...aftr reading this blog yest...i really felt everthings back to normal...Thx bro!!

  7. what if your dad doesn't care...and if you think I'm saying this 'cause I had a fight with him...then NO... nothing like that...
    I know Father is one of the two pillars on which a person stands...I like this piece of writing...
    but, I just wanted to say that strange it may sound...but this too has a second side... darker one...

  8. soumya.. ders a darker side 2 everythng.even relations.
    bt i blv wen its abt relations, specially a spcl 1 lik a father-son relationshp..d darjer side shd b ignored n v shd try 2 get rid of it :)
    thnx anywayz :)