Friday, May 8, 2009

dats hw we became popular @ "POPULAR"

ohk. so here i m tryin sumtin new. i kno m being too monotonous wit my posts. same kind of poems n stuff n i kno it gets boring aftr sumtym. so dis post is abt a small incident whch made us popular in a wrong way. n v wer almost thrown out of "popular-the hotel" :P

a saturday nite, arnd 10pm. d hotel was full n it was a complete family crowd. a b'ful gal came out of a santro n trust me she was so damn b'ful dat v wer unable to take our eyes off her evn for a SECOND. 8 guyz staring a gal whus wit her DAD is trouble-inviting! but whu gives a shit to d troubles if d gal is so damn b'ful! :D
as expected she was made to sit inside d car agn n her DAD made sure she was out of our sight too :(
jus den d guy calld us n b4 going in, v gav dat "DAD" a few bad stares. he was d villian! :x
*if crowd consists of guyz lyk us, i agree its too tuff fr a father to take care of her daughter! :P

okay nw d real fun begins. since v wer a huge group, v wer given d biggest table n co incidentally dat table is alwyz surrounded by sum cute galz :D *tchwud* :P
mr.babu, d waiter whus also a gud frnd nw strtd wit d orders. v askd him to bring 3 punjabi vegetables n to his surprise or rather a shock, instead of rotis or naans v ordered "laadi pav" n d look he gave after d order was as if he got hit by a season ball rite "der" witout a "guard"! :P
and d moment v started eating, d ppl arnd us jus cudnt stop staring at us. v lyk it. v guyz luv "attention" :D
n i dnt blame dem. i'l stare at sum1 too if he strts eatin bread wit punjabi vegs. :D
okay. as if dis wasnt enuf to amuse d ppl arnd us. v tried sumtin more.

v ordered d 2l wala sprite ka bottle n wen babu came wit d glasses, v askd for sum saucers. :D
n he got kinda pissed off n told his boss abt it. but whu cares, v r payin d bill n v shd get woteva v ask for :D

so der he came wit 9 saucers. witout any cups. dat was 1 hilarious sight :P
n den dhaval strtd passin d saucers wit "sprite" in it to evry1 n mahn! d aunty sitting next to me almost fell off her chair. d uncle behind roshan stared as if a naked gal came in front of him frm nower n d sound v made while drinking *slurp slurp*, jus lyk dos rickshaw n taxiwallas make wile drinking tea made it too irritating. but v wer loving it. jus think of it. arnd 50 ppl staring at us as if v wer sum celebrities. wow! :P

okay. it also had a few disadvantages. d CUTE gal next table went out as she felt it was getting too cheap. damn she passed sum bad comments abt us. :(

trying to get out of dat trauma (a gal passin comments in front of evry1 is a big trauma), v strtd singing. v forgot dat it was a hotel n as if v wer al sonu nigam n co. n d table was our indian idol stage, v went on n on!

15 mins later. my frnd was on d ground outside d hotel. i was running sumwer along wit 2 of dem n 3 others wer trying to defend themselves! :o

actualy in between thos 15mins, a lot happnd!
sum1 complained. d owner came dwn n requested but v wer jus in a bad mood dat day. v went on wit d crap. n dat fuckin owner dialled 100. n aftr 5 mins, our so called singing had sum background music to it. sadly it sounded lyk a police siren.
seeing dem i showd my sporting skills n ran out as fast as possible frm d backdoor. 2 frnz followd me. thos whu tried running frm d front wer caught. no harm done except dat in front of all dis ppl, my poor frnz wer kickd out badly. n a police warning was given to dem too. dat sounded kinda serious!

v wer scared. dint call each othr dat nite. but d nxt mrng v met, v jus laughed n laughed hardly coz v knew wot v went thru d last nite. dat was d nite whch made us "popular @ popular" :P


  1. bloody gunda badmash log :P

    aise kisse typical wo wale hote hain.. jo baad mein yaad karke bade maje aate hain... par jo becahre pite unke saath bada bura hua..

  2. lolz

    xpected z awl il say to ds vishiii :P

  3. wow...wish i had been ther to witnes u guys runin off :D

  4. LOL...fkkk...LMAO
    good one!!

  5. lol..ths 1 ws realy nice n funny. i kind of luv sch ths 1's ma fav fr the tym bein :D
    hope u post in sch write ups also wd poems.. mr.popular :P

  6. hehe.....

    Guess wht m sad* i wasn't der :(

    Saale as usual Full of...Kida Kandi.

    Bt Best Part Tu Humesha Bach jata hai..Cheers!!

  7. omg...i remebr u telling me dis...
    but u din tell me al...
    u juz told me d pav thin...
    it must hav bin fun..