Sunday, May 3, 2009

my school dayz..

i miss dat early morning alarm
the blanket,the bed
and a cup of coffee so warm...

i miss back those days
naughty sun's hiding rays
the cold,the fog the mist
and a never endin list

all those ups and downs
all smiles,all frowns
being the back benchers
and scoldings frm the teachers

the old canteen,
the scribbled desks
sleeping in the class
and cheating in the tests

runnin in d rain
eatin durin classes
those friendships
n those cold wars

the assembly,
the uniform
never again to be worn...

never r those days gonna come back,
its always goin to be
just me and my memories!!

dedicated to all my school frnz! :)


  1. taking a walk down the memory lane :D

  2. those wer indeed the golden days!!!

  3. woh.. pretty impressiove haan.. so ths is wht yu do besides arguinin :P
    bt i realy like thm.. simple n classy :)
    good wrk !!

  4. tnx abi n suchana! :D

    sulakshna.. nw a comment frm ur side was unexpectd.. dat too such gud wrds fo ME.. damn :P
    thnx a lott fo commentin :)

  5. Ohhh..sahi..yad aa gayi...those wonderful scool days!! Missin those days!

  6. hey really beautiful.. nicely put up...