Sunday, May 3, 2009

If thats all i can ever b 2 u....

If i have to be your best friend,
If thats all i can get,
I'll take the job with honour,
I'll be the best one yet,
I'll offer u my shoulder,
I'll show u how i care,
I'll be there when need me,
I'm not going anywhere,
If i have to be your best friend,
The one who hears you can,
Then I'll take the job with honour,
Then i'll take the job with pride.

My love for you is stronger,
Than u'll ever know,
But for u to ever love me,
I'll have to let u go,
You need time to find your purpose,
You need time to sort your thoughts,
But when the course has ended,
And the race is finally run,
Remmember its your best friend,
Who has loved you from the day one..

*i take help frm my frnz fo most of my poems.. m not a complete writer.. n 1 of my dear frnz helpd me a lott spcly for dis poem..thank u :)


  1. Resume bana... applying for best frnd job.. aur ye sabko bhej de :P

  2. na na..apply for a colum writer :)

  3. :P
    i'l apply for d job of a best frnd whu writes columns :P

  4. dis was d best 1............sum gud memeoories flashes after readinf it.........

  5. it was a surprise dat u can write at all.....u can write gud stuff, dats more surprising:P

  6. loved it... nostalgic.. hope u know why